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RoboPack, Established in 2015 By The Owner & Manager, Mr Sherif Hassan With the intent of Providing and Fulfilling the ever expanding need for High Quality Plastic Packaging for a multitude of sectors. you will notice that we have been able to attract major clients in the field and capture a good slice of the market, due to the vision of the management and the dedication of highly trained manpower as well as employing the latest technology in this field.

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Our Vision may be summarized in a few yet very important words,and that is to Unlock the 3 Keys to Success:

We aspire to provide You with, Premium Quality and High precision Products Through,Quality Control, Experienced Technicians and Skilled Workers Employing, Our Experts in the field as well as, Advanced Technology & Equipment



Being in the Production of Plastic Packaging Field, we are compelled to adhere to the world standards of specifications for both materials used and the Highest Quality possible, which surely be to the Full Satisfaction of our clients. Thus we adopted the following points:

– Well trained staff that are qualified to deliver a Quality Product and are continuously learning the fine secrets of fine production steps.

– Following the latest & updated standard of quality, most advanced technology, as well as the latest methods in improving and elevating the standard of our human resources and Our Quality control procedures.


– Increasing our share of the market pie by concentrating on our marketing activities and providing Quality and economical products.

– Improving and upgrading Products Quality and variation, Maintaining friendly and efficient Customer Service.

– Achieving the highest benefits to all concerned parties being Clients or internal staff.

– Establishing a continuous rapport with our clients to solve any problem that may arise immediately.

– Continuously Improving our Human resources which is the backbone of our operation.

Our objectives and policies are derived and adhere to the standards of ISO 9001/2915 .


Robo~pack specialists in providing High Quality packaging supplies to the following but not limited to the following sectors using the latest in Label Printing IML ( Injection Molding Labels ) :


Cheese, Pickles, Tahina, Halawa ( solid and fluffed ), Coffee, Nuts, Sahlab, Candy, Wafers, Liquid Chocolate, Chocolate Powder & Coca Powder, Ice Cream, Molasses Tobacco Products .. and more


Large and Assorted variety of Cubic Games .. and more

We are mainly focused on making your company products better

We manufactures a variety of Round Packages with many sizes , starting from 150 ml up to 5000 ml:


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